Don’t Make Any New Year Resolutions OR Set Any Goals For 2020 | Self-Improvement by Skillopedia

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Hey You Lovely people, it’s New Years time and I am sure you are all geared up and excited to make New Year Resolutions or Set New Year goals. But, wait a minute, I advice you not to set any goals for the New Year, Surprised!! Well don’t be, I have something more smarter for you, that would change the way you think about setting goals in life. Don’t worry, I will not tell you to set smart goals, I am sure you have heard that many times, I am asking you to set only one goal, to set no goals.

Over the years I have realised there’s no point in setting goals for the new years, not because you are not able to finish them. I have 5 reasons to convince you, why you should stay away from making any resolutions. Watch the complete video and see it for yourself, why I think so.

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