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Hello lovely people I’m Nysha and you’re watching me on your favourite channel to learn English, Let’s Talk. Today’s English lesson is all about beauty and the compliments that come with it. Everyday, we look at ourselves in the mirror while getting ready to start a new day, and each one of us tries to look the best we can. Why? Because looking good makes us feel great on the inside and then that feel good feeling gets projected to the world on the outside. If we feel we look good, we automatically feel confident and that confidence shows in the way we carry ourselves. Who doesn’t like receiving compliments right? There are so much beauty in this big wide world, yet the way to describe beautiful people always boils down to the standard English adjectives society uses to describe someone beautiful. He or she is hot, cute, good looking, pretty, to name a few. But beauty is completely up to one’s own perception of who or what someone may find beautiful, so it doesn’t have to be limited to just physical beauty. A persons mind, a persons heart can be thought to be beautiful. Hence, the phrases, a beautiful mind or a beautiful heart. So to communicate this effectively I’ve got for you 20 beautiful phrases you can say to someone to let them know how beautiful you think they are not just by the way they look but also by how beautiful you think they are as a person.
In this English lesson you will learn new and better English expressions to say ‘you are beautiful’ Because, saying beautiful is dull and boring. These phrases and expressions would certainly come handy to compliment someone.

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